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11 TheseSymptoms are Often Considered a Sign of Pregnancy

Written By muchammad rizal on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 | 6:32 PM

11 TheseSymptoms are Often Considered a Sign of Pregnancy 

Are you the women often feel nauseous and tired? Or missed a period? If so, it seems like the symptoms are similar to the signs of pregnancy. Though there are other factors that can cause you to have the condition. Let's look at a variety of symptoms that are often considered a sign of pregnancy as reported from Baby Zone (11/08) this.

Late Period 
Besides pregnancy, late period can be caused by an increase or decrease in weight drastically. In addition, hormonal problems, fatigue, stress, birth control pills, and breast-feeding can also be a cause of missed period.

Nausea and vomiting 
Like nausea and vomiting without apparent cause? It could be it was morning sickness. But if you are not pregnant, nausea and vomiting are signs of food poisoning, stress, and stomach disorders.

breasts swell 
Some pregnant women experience swelling in their breast. Meanwhile, other factors that cause this is hormones, birth control pills, and a sign that you will soon experience menstruation.

Tired and sleepy 
It's hard to get up because of fatigue? The feeling is identical to the sign of pregnancy. But stress, pain, and depression can also lead to feeling tired and sleepy.

back pain 
The first three months of pregnancy is characterized by pain in the back. If you are pregnant, you may suffer from certain diseases associated with the back.

Levels of the hormone estrogen typically makes a pregnant woman regularly headache. Another cause of headaches is dehydration, caffeine, and eye strain.

like snacking 
If pregnant women, the desire to eat certain foods can also be called with cravings. But mistakes diet, stress, depression, and missed period can also make you suddenly like snacking.

areola blackened 
Areola around the nipple part. If blackened, then the woman is pregnant. However, hormonal imbalance issues also have been a factor areolas darken.

often pee 
If urinate frequently because of pregnancy, it is good news. But these symptoms can also is a sign of diabetes, urinary disorders, or other diseases.

Movement in stomach 
At week 16 to 22, there is a sign that there is movement of the fetus in the abdomen. While other factors of this movement is a fart or another contraction in the stomach.

Heartbeat in stomach 
The only symptom that is a definite sign of pregnancy is the heartbeat in the belly. For other marks, no definite cause of these symptoms.

To ensure that the pregnancy symptoms, you can check it out by using a test pack. If the result is negative, immediately contact your doctor to consult regarding your medical condition.

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