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This is the hidden benefit of Nata de coco

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 | 12:15 AM

This is the hidden benefit of Nata de coco
This is the hidden benefit of Nata de coco 

Nata de coco, chewy foods commonly made ​​from coconut juice is usually used as material takjil. However, not many know that nata de coco can also make the body slim.

Nata The term itself comes from the Spanish language. Translated into Latin 'natare' which means floating. Although commonly made ​​from coconut milk, nata but can also be made from coconut milk, sugar syrup, fruit, or aloe vera.

As reported by Healtylifestyletips.com, nata de coco is ideal for weight loss. In addition to be used as a tasty snack during fasting, nata de coco also contain lots of fiber.

Fermented with the help of microbe Acetobacter xylinum, nata de coco contain many nutrients. Nata per 100 grams, contained 12 mg calcium, 5 mg of iron, 2 mg of phosphorus, vitamin B1, protein, and only 0, percent fat alone.

Due to the low fat content, nata de coco be safely consumed by those who do not want to maintain weight during fasting. In addition, nata de coco fiber and cellulose can also be a good option for weight loss.

With the number of fibers contained in it, nata de coco can also prevent constipation, constipation, hemorrhoids, appendicitis, colon cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and obesity.

In addition to nutrient and fiber rich, nata de coco also has a distinctive flavor and texture. It makes nata de coco in the mix would make a variety of cold drinks during fasting.

You can mix nata de coco with ice fruit, compote, custard, ice cream, or fruit cocktail. In addition, nata de coco can also be enjoyed alone with a mixture of water or syrup. But if you want to limit the consumption of sugar, you should not use too much. Submerge nata de coco first before consumption can also reduce the levels of sugar in it.

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