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Is it can Delaying Immunization in Children?

Written By muchammad rizal on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 | 6:30 AM

After birth, the baby has the vaccine schedule to increase their immune system. However, this time it seems a lot of parents who think lightly of the infant vaccination schedule and tends to delay. Can defer immunization in children? Is the vaccine in infants delay may adversely affect the child? Researchers showed that late baby immunized usually get less vaccine than it should be obtained.

Is it can Delaying Immunization in Children?
Is it can Delaying Immunization in Children?
"Most parents who delay their infant immunization did not get all recommended vaccines," wrote Time magazine. Time suggests that although infants immunized late more often visit the doctor, on average they only get 6.4 injections, instead of 10.4 injections like other babies who do immunizations on schedule.

"Parents who are late to immunize their babies also have to pay for more expensive," said Dr. Rodney Willoughby, a committee member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the HealthDay.

"Second, the immunization schedule is not determined randomly. The schedule is made based on the results of the annual research and clinical trials that determine when a child's body can respond optimally immunized and when they will face the greatest risk for the disease that can lead to serious complications or death. That schedule determined that children get maximum protection, "he added, as quoted by LiveScience.

Steve Robinson, author and epidemiologist, confirmed this and added that the antibodies have a baby at birth provides a natural protection that can interfere with the performance of the vaccine when given at the wrong time.

The researchers are not sure whether the data they get in Poland can be applied to other countries. However, this study suggests that parents should not delay to immunize their children.

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