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Look out! Eating carrots make the most of your skin orange

Written By muchammad rizal on Friday, March 25, 2016 | 1:57 AM

Look out! Eating carrots make the most of your skin orange

Carrots are the types of vegetables are the most versatile among others.

Just imagine, carrots can be the basis of various cuisines, could be shaved and be a salad, into juice or smoothie was fresh, even into cake.

However, although tasty and nutritious, carrots indicates that something too much it is not too good. By eating too many carrots, can make your skin orange.

Reporting from Huffington Post, this is a medical condition called 'carotenemia.' This condition really makes your skin look like a cartoon character, because your skin will be more orange than usual. Yet quiet, this condition is not dangerous really.

What causes this to happen?

Carrots are vegetables that are high in beta carotene, a natural pigment that gives plants the roots of natural orange color. When you eat too many carrots, or potatoes, or pumpkin, or a variety of other foods high carotene, excess beta carotene will enter the bloodstream, and stored under the skin, This is what causes the color porters to orange, yellow, or even gold ,

But this will not be an absolute happen when we eat carrots excessively. Because, this depends on the metabolic system of each individual is different. If the hit rate, a healthy dose of beta-carotene consumption is 6 to 8 milligrams per day.

According to the blog of health from Columbia University, you could be exposed carotenemia, if you eat 20 milligrams of beta-carotene every day. This figure is equivalent to 3 carrots are large.

Actually, besides harmless, carotenemia did not also make the rest of our body to orange, because only certain parts were changed. According to Scientific American, carotene can be excreted through sweat, but the color concentration of carotenoids was strongest in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and facial lines.

Still, do not reduce the consumption of carrots per day. Beta-carotene in carrots before, will be converted by the body into vitamin A, which helps propel your immune system, making healthy eyes, and nourish the skin.

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