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7 Food that Causes Body Odor

Written By muchammad rizal on Sunday, October 5, 2014 | 9:08 PM

7 Food that Causes Body Odor
7 Food that Causes Body Odor

All people do a lot of things that no body odor. Starting from a bath twice a day to wear perfume. However, there is one thing that is always overlooked by many people, choosing food. Several types of eating it also can cause body odor. Here it is food that can cause body odor, as reported by the Times of India (02/08).

1 Spicy food 
Excessive consumption of spicy foods cause many sulfur intake in the body. This sulfur will be issued through the skin in the form of sweat and breath. Sulfur makes sweat smell. Reduce spicy foods containing garlic, onions, or curry spices.

2 Red meat 
Red meat requires extra effort to be processed by the digestive system. This will lead to the production of excessive sweating. The result, of course sweat smell.

3 Alcohol 
Consuming alcohol, chocolate, soda, tea, and coffee can make the body remove body odor. However, excessive alcohol consumption will make the issuing body odor.

4. Junk food 
Most junk food was not only bad for health, but also for the appearance. Saturated fats are found mainly in the production of junk food can cause excessive sweating. Besides junk food ingredients also cause the sweat smell out smell.

5. Low carb food 
Be careful if you are doing low-carb diet. Foods that do not contain carbohydrates can cause excessive sweating. In addition, the low carbohydrate also causes the production of a chemical called ketone in the blood. This substance causes a bad odor.

6 Dairy Products
Dairy products are high in protein will make the digestive system work harder. Consuming excessive dairy products can make the body to release hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan that can trigger unpleasant odor.

7 Tobacco 
Everyone would know this. Cigarette smoke mingled with the sweat glands in the body will lead to the emergence of odor. It usually also known as 'odor smokers' attached to all things, from hair to clothes.

So, do not just spray perfume and bath regularly. Food and beverages should also be taken to ensure that you do not remove the body odor.

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